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We are taking laundry supply to a new level.


    Welcome to Launtex Ltd we are contacting the commercial laundry business to offer our products and services.

We supply a wide range of needle felt fabric to replace the covers on roller ironer machines and a full range of laundry products.

We are the exclusive supplier for the UK and Ireland of Nomex by Dupont roller ironer machine fabric.

The premium quality product for performance and durability in the laundry industry.

Our aim is to introduce flexible options and choice by providing simplicity to the ordering process.

We indicate example guideline prices for a standard roller ironer machine below and 

the option to supply direct.

We offer an introductory competitive pricing structure and invite you to see the guideline

prices below.

    Please contact us to discuss your requirement on our product range and obtain your quotation.

Guideline Example

Standard 2 Roll 1200 diameter 350 metre wide roll 800gram padding:

57.76sqm@ 2 pieces x 7.60m x 3.80m (1 piece per roll)

or 4 pieces x 3.81m x 3.80m ( 2 pieces per roll)

   2 Roll Ironer with Meta-Aramide Euro € 1747.24

   2 Roll Ironer with Aramide / Nomex Blend Euro € 1971.06

   2 Roll Ironer with *Nomex by Dupont Euro € 2180.44


    Select Size of Roller Ironer Diameter of your machines below.


Please note these prices are for supply only and exclusive of VAT ( if applicable) and Delivery Charges will apply.

All orders can be purchased in Euro or GBP Sterling.

Different size machines will have various roll widths and require more or less fabric accordingly.

Do you have a specific need that’s not mentioned on our website?

Contact us today with your details and we will assist with your enquiry.



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