Commercial Laundry Textiles
Commercial Laundry Textiles


Ironer Stock

  • up to 500 cm width
  • up to 4000 g/m² weight
  • Nomex® Fibre by DUPONT
  • Polyester Fibre
  • Meta-Aramide
  • PPS Fibre
  • Needlefelts  blend of these three fibre types
  •  Anti-Static Needlefelts
  • In three different designs: Rolls, Bales and Ready-Made cut to fit on Ironer

Banding & Belting

We have the products you need.

Feeder Machine Banding

Ironer Feed Belts

Folder Banding and Belts

Stacking Machine Belts

Conveyor Banding

Roll form or Capped and Pinned ready for installation.

Ironer Tapes & Wax

The right quality product is key to success.

Ironer Wax

Wax Cloth Applicator

Wire Wool Cleaning Blankets

Screen Back Cleaning Meshes

Ironer Tapes for Steam Ironers

Ironer Tapes for Gas / Oil High Temp Ironers



Service Contracts & Consultancy

Ironer specialist regular visits

Trouble shooting

Preventative Maintenance

Staff Ironer Machine Training

3D CAD Design to Concept Virtual Blueprint